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  EMISSION DU 08/10/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 weed hounds double life double life autoproduction

2 the lumes compulsion envy crazy sane

3 yes i´m leaving pure joy pure joy black wire

4 hotel wrecking city traders quasar passage to agartha cardinal fuzz

5 glider see you there see you there wrong way

6 ceremony send me your dreams distance moon sounds

7 ana lungs new guy friend demos autoproduction

8 night shapes flashing lights wake up tape heavy dose

9 super thief k-hole :/ stuck autoproduction

10 protomartyr windsor hum relatives in descent domino

11 wailin storms foot of my tongue sick city antena krzyku

11 coma phase of confusion. the hardest migration in a mislead dreams sirr fvkof

12 whimm town hall a star ajar pleasence

12 yes i´m leaving feature pure joy black wire

12 hotel wrecking city traders kanged cortex passage to agartha

13 sekel next to nothing sekel fuzz club

14 the breeders wait in the car wait in the car 4ad

15 lazertits boss bitch boss bitch autoproduction

16 lazertits lil sister v/a: lazertits / swim team split hysterical

17 lazertits shonen knife aubergine dreams autoproduction

18 anaconda chaleur 5 the greatest hits of anaconda godhatesgod

19 it it anita 25 (from floor to ceiling) agaaiin luik

20 yes i´m leaving whinger pure joy black wire

21 hotel wrecking city traders ohms of the cavern current passage to agartha cardinal fuzz

Artiste: hotel wrecking city traders
Album: passage to agartha

Artiste: yes i´m leaving
Album: pure joy
Label: black wire

Artiste: hotel wrecking city traders
Album: passage to agartha
Label: cardinal fuzz


Artiste: lazertits
Album: aubergine dreams
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): shonen knife

Artiste: lazertits
Album: boss bitch
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): boss bitch

Artiste: lazertits
Album: v/a: lazertits / swim team split
Label: hysterical
Track(s): lil sister

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