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  EMISSION DU 18/06/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 weeping icon jail billz eyeball under kanine

2 sonic youth silver rocket daydream nation blast first

3 melt downer junkademy melt downer numavi

4 wall save me wall wharf cat

5 mermaidens satsuma perfect body flying nun

5 chelsea wolfe 16 psyche hiss spun sargent house

6 housewives excerpt 6 ff061116 rocket

6 glaciers weekdays living right meritorio

7 parading flying lost & lonesome

8 lowtide julia julia lost & lonesome

8 silver dapple amethyst jeune / amethyst forchristsake

8 pile hairshirt a hairshirt of purpose exploding in sound

8 black ink stain st01 black ink stain autoproduction

8 melt downer science is fiction melt downer numavi

8 wall (sacred) circus wall wharf cat

9 tiny fingers the fall the fall anova

10 dead sea apes tentacles (the machine rolls on) sixth side of the pentagon cardinal fuzz

10 wyatt e. aswan mount sinai/aswan fear of gun

11 theeunforeseen no echo to the deaf no echo to the deaf autoproduction

11 no metal in this battle alaska beach alaska beach autoproduction

11 ropoporose faceless man kernel, foreign moons yotanka

12 föllakzoid feat. jason spaceman electric london sessions sacred bones

12 moon duo mirror´s edge occult architecture vol. 2 sacred bones

12 melt downer trespass melt downer numavi

12 wall turn around wall wharf cat

Artiste: melt downer
Album: melt downer
Label: numavi

Artiste: wall
Album: wall
Label: wharf cat


Artiste: parading
Album: lost & lonesome
Track(s): flying

Artiste: lowtide
Album: julia
Label: lost & lonesome
Track(s): julia

Artiste: glaciers
Album: living right
Label: meritorio
Track(s): weekdays

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