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  EMISSION DU 30/04/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 drang rip it up rip it up autoproduction

2 ghost to atom make believe artifacts autoproduction

3 war brides designer life regrets triple eye industries

4 the mary hart attack in dreams the falling sun greedy eyes

5 las cobras so much love temporal fuzz club

6 the gluts colline bianche estasi fuzz club

7 buildings seperate by numbers you are not one of us antena krzyku

7 mont-doré let´s not slam doors anymore fractures black basset

8 droughts god city stay behind skeletal lightning

9 sale gosse chili the first dick i ever saw was iggy pop´s luik

10 littler out of my rib bad hand disposable america

10 las robertas not enough waves of the new burger

10 little lunch no treasure little lunch cinnamon

10 the john-pauls free chains forget to remember to forget aagoo

10 volta layers remap autoproduction

11 meat wave mask the incessant side one dummy

11 war brides halitosis regrets triple eye industries

12 the mary hart attack this room the falling sun greedy eyes

12 sunset images 1969 obscure haze gravy

13 monotrophy ten wheels steam engines autoproduction

13 le prince harry communication is violence synthetic love rockerill

14 wipeout optic nerve milk bird autoproduction

15 fatalists skeleton ship wayward navigation gramma proforma

15 gnod bodies for money just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine rocket

15 talism missiles what we deserve venado

15 heroine i don´t want you to be my prey heroine autoproduction

15 war brides thyme regrets triple eye industries

15 the mary hart attack who used to be me the falling sun greedy eyes

15 glass horses stepping stones stepping stones autoproduction

Artiste: the mary hart attack
Album: the falling sun
Label: greedy eyes

Artiste: war brides
Album: regrets
Label: triple eye industries

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