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  EMISSION DU 12/03/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mote batcave recordings i autoproduction

2 leavings sell sell & shark tenzenmen

3 spectres rubber plant condition sonic cathedral

4 bardo pond my eyes out under the pines sonic cathedral

5 somesurprises mayor skipped town serious dreams eiderdown

6 bad breeding the more the merrier divide la vida es un mus

7 smiling i maw autoproduction

7 cold sweats swollen head most high autoproduction

8 russian circles vorel guidance sargent house

9 benoît pioulard same time next year lignin poise disques d´honore

10 benoît pioulard on form lignin poise disques d´honore

10 benoît pioulard rook lignin poise disques d´honore

10 casper skulls nighthawks nighthawks buzz

10 radar men from the moon strange wave galore strange wave galore fuzz club

10 spectres welcoming the flowers condition sonic cathedral

10 bardo pond out of reach under the pines fire

11 nearly dead weathered meat weathered meat autoproduction

11 law boss face the opressor filthy casuals autoproduction

12 priests puff nothing feels natural sister polygon

12 drahla faux text faux text too pure

13 say sue me long night and crying say sue me electric muse

13 overlake winter is why fall bar none

14 la jungle technically you are dead ii black basset

15 camille claudel porta do inferno camille claudel autoproduction

15 10000 russos tutilitarian distress distress fuzz club

15 spectres the beginning of the end condition sonic cathedral

15 bardo pond under the pines under the pines fire

Artiste: bardo pond
Album: under the pines
Label: fire

Artiste: bardo pond
Album: under the pines
Label: sonic cathedral

Artiste: spectres
Album: condition
Label: sonic cathedral


Artiste: benoît pioulard
Album: lignin poise
Label: disques d´honore
Track(s): same time next year / on form / rook

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