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  EMISSION DU 26/02/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 girls in synthesis the mound the mound cargo

2 dark times dirt dirt sheep chase

3 so stressed fur sale please let me know ghost ramp

4 soft post cabaret coldwave nostalgia, a shoegaze stories autoproduction

5 gold no shadow optimist ván

6 human resource the master´s hand human resource arcade

7 idles mother brutalism balley

7 the blind shake demox celebrate your worth goner

8 lardo watch him (watch her) sinking autoproduction

9 batpiss weatherboard man weatherboard man poison city

10 no mightier creatures no light no mightier creatures autoproduction

10 taïfun scissors of coyotes and men honest house

10 rays made of shadows rays trouble in mind

10 daydream machine falls out of view the show must not go on picture in my ear

10 soft death cities, ghost town (ipoh coldwave) coldwave nostalgia, a shoegaze stories autoproduction

10 so stressed haricot vert please let me know ghost ramp

11 drive blind smile like elvis tropical motion fever vicious circle

11 dum dum boys on the burning sand x-perimental zebra-phonic vicious circle

12 tantrum codeine like? twisted in anguish vicious circle

12 virago le premier jour de mai premier jour vicious circle

13 king khan and the shrines got the itch smash hits vicious circle

13 julien pras heavy load southern kind of slang vicious circle

14 sexy sushi il faut plonger les enfants dans des cuvettes de sang (fraulein warrior version) vous n´allez pas repartir les mains vides la cile

14 flip grater diggin for the devil pigalle vicious circle

15 petit vodo choo train rhythm sixty nine stereovox vicious circle

15 shannon wright division division vicious circle

16 so stressed holy spirit is evidently at work please let me know ghost ramp

16 soft grunge glory coldwave nostalgia, a shoegaze stories autoproduction

Artiste: soft
Album: coldwave nostalgia, a shoegaze stories
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: so stressed
Album: please let me know
Label: ghost ramp

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