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  EMISSION DU 01/05/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hang on the box ass hole, i'm not your baby for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

1 the wedding present ringway to seatac take fountain stickman

3 les georges leningrad bad smell deux hot dogs moutarde chou alien8

4 klang waiting no sound is heard blast first petite

5 hall of fame hall of fire paradise now the social registry

5 cranes starblood wings of joy dedicated

7 cranes sun and sky forever dedicated

7 cranes beautiful friend loved dedicated

7 volt voice listen démo autoproduction

7 molia falls logrock 5 track promo cd autoproduction

10 electrelane take the bit between your teeth the power out too pure

11 25 hours untitled track # 1 25 hours cocacolabo

11 loobke ticket v/a: split-tape w/ loobke & half asleep matamore

11 sleepy lili positive vibe trees autoproduction

11 les georges leningrad georges v deux hot dogs moutarde chou alien8

11 stereo total orange mécanique do the bambi disko b

11 scraps of tape wright is rong read between the lines at all times tender version

11 washdown bad connection w/ a lover yes to everything lookout!

11 the projects entertainment let's get static track & field

11 archie bronson outfit kangaroo heart fur domino

11 hangedup view from the gound kicker in tow constellation

11 greyscale flight one hundred cruel machine camera obscura

11 les georges leningrad un imperméable (mouillé des deux côtés) deux hot dogs moutarde chou alien8

12 frank black francis broken face frank black francis - black francis demo (cd 1) cooking vinyl

12 dreamend ellipsis as if by ghosts grafeface

Artiste: les georges leningrad
Album: deux hot dogs moutarde chou
Label: alien8


Artiste: cranes
Album: forever
Label: dedicated
Track(s): sun and sky

Artiste: cranes
Album: loved
Label: dedicated
Track(s): beautiful friend

Artiste: cranes
Album: wings of joy
Label: dedicated
Track(s): starblood


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