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  EMISSION DU 01/01/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 video daughters hit the six video daughters already dead tapes

2 commiserations i.t. why lust i live, why should i live autoproduction

3 it it anita 25 (from floor to the ceilling) agaaiin luik

4 baklavaa candy cane dane on grimoire

5 bunuel i, electrician a resting place for strangers tannen

6 baby fire the salamander gold off

7 mermaidens seed undergrowth flying out

8 hissing tiles new alphabet aces read me to sleep autoproduction

9 mums rosies noisy land of giants superstar destroyer

10 the staches i don´t bother placid faces bongo joe

11 pill fetish queen convenience mexican summer

11 soft gang book of black magic and stars soft gang sophomore lounge

11 guili guili goulag nouvel ordre mondial moquette saint-arnoult 3018 cheap satanism

11 ultraphallus 2m56s the art of spectres sub rosa

11 nitkowski medaglia effortless charm triple jump

11 september girls blue eyes age of indignation fortuna pop

12 burnt palms over back on my wall we were never being boring collective

12 lonely parade window no shade sleep walk

13 arbor labor union radiant mountain road i hear you sub pop

13 super unison muted auto deathwish inc.

14 worse come together rubber burner deranged

15 fake limbs an inconvenience matronly don giovanni

15 naked lights pictus on nature castle face

15 miserable uncontrollable uncontrollable the native sound

15 vallens rosemary consent hand drawn dracula

16 rev rev rev je est un autre des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient kinotone

16 unqualified nurse band growing down debasement tapes reckless yes

16 big ups hope for someone before a million universes exploding in sound

16 polonium kids on top seraphim controlled burn

16 el yunque noztechtransch baskenland stabwaf

16 no sister overpass no sister autoproduction

16 heat death the pageant 9 steps to a happier life tasty tapes

30 bambara her sister touya swarm arrowhawk

34 wtchs old crowns she walks, she creeps sonic unyon

35 luggage artificial sun automatic

36 witching waves seeing double crystal cafe soft power

37 the sweet release of death post everything the sweet release of death katzwijm
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