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  EMISSION DU 18/12/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the god eaters xuma the god eaters autoproduction

2 nevraska dux bellorum grave romance gabu

3 bunuel this is love a resting place for strangers tannen

4 dream whip hoosker du dream whip autoproduction

5 shredded sun say my name land lines 620115 records dk

6 shannon wright the thirst division vicious circle

7 superteen bye bye isn´t person sad cactus

8 horst du noch universal goddes frustfurchtfrucht autoproduction

9 vampyre whispers in the flue death dream kingdom autoproduction

10 uniform tabloid wake in fright sacred bones

11 delacave i can do if i am overthinking, talk about anything any damned teenage menopause

11 king woman utopia created in the image of suffering relapse

11 bets blister in the sun the violent femmes bets records llc

11 fake indians i´m the one i´m the one autoproduction

11 tropical skin byrds cut it off tropical skin byrds wharf cat

11 bunuel me + i a resting place for strangers tannen

12 dream whip crispr dream whip autoproduction

12 gnod learn to forgive mirror rocket

13 higher authorities neptune colour domino

13 moon duo cold fear occult architecture vol. 1 sacred bones

14 ritual howls park around the corner into the water felte

15 frustration excess empires of shame born bad

15 dead sleeper voices kbd

15 komplikations n´importe quel soir humans rockstar

15 camera affenfaust phantom of liberty bureau b

16 sula bassana shushie express shipwrecked sulatron

16 bunuel smiling faces of children a resting places for strangers tannen

16 dream whip she´s low maintenance dream whip autoproduction

Artiste: dream whip
Album: dream whip
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: bunuel
Album: a resting place for strangers
Label: tannen

Artiste: bunuel
Album: a resting places for strangers
Label: tannen

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