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  EMISSION DU 30/10/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nihilist cheerleader happy girl truth od dare perfect attendance

2 krause weak 2am thoughts riot season

3 pinkwash longer now collective sigh don giovanni

4 levitations nightmare dust adagio 830

5 soft signals anxiety room autoproduction

5 daikiri jokari dk_02 et mon cul c´est du tofu?

6 don vito special guest comment ça va light my fire head

6 john zorn shtetl (ghetto lofe) kristallnacht tzadik

7 john zorn scene 1 - at the very gates of hell 49 acts of depravity in the abominable life and times of gilles de rais tzadik

8 ruins stone eater hyderomastgroningen tzadik

9 ground zero movie 1 null and void tzadik

9 david slusser creaks delight at the end of the tunnel tzadik

9 blonde redhead le chanson de slogan v/a: great jewish music: serge gainsbourg tzadik

9 melt banana tapir flown´s away mxbx 1998 - 13000 miles at light velocity tzadik

9 hey colossus hey, dead eyes, up! in black in gold rocket

9 pinkwash metastatic collective sigh don giovanni

10 levitations dust dust adagio 830

10 nail polish selected comments authentic living help yourself

10 goes cube strawmen shadows swallowed the flood greenway

11 has a shadow the flesh the flesh fuzz club

11 eye tension cue other sky ba da bing !

11 gentle veincut steel boots v/a: poutre / gentle veincut split katatak

12 multicult afterward position remote reptilian

12 petula clarck fel alle apen vrij! rockerill

12 doomsday student lsd mom a self help tragedy skin graft

12 the glücks bugs youth on stuff monstrophonic

12 the blind shake i shot all the birds celebrate your worth goner

12 traams a house on fire a house on fire fat cat

12 pinkwash burning too collective sigh don giovanni

12 levitations mallorca dust adagio 830

Artiste: levitations
Album: dust
Label: adagio 830

Artiste: pinkwash
Album: collective sigh
Label: don giovanni

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