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  EMISSION DU 16/10/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 joanna gruesome pretty fucking sick (of it all) pretty fucking sick (of it all) slumberland

2 marge give it time bruise easy autoproduction

3 death valley girls death valley boogie glow in the dark burger

4 worse come together rubber burner deranged

5 death pedals nil by mouth meat house homonid sounds

6 lorelle meets the obsolete eco echo balance captcha

7 taenia morgen demo 2016 autoproduction

8 jesus is my son un amour ordinaire solah#2 ini-itu

9 teevee beneath my stone teevee autoproduction

10 teevee doo-wah teevee autoproduction

11 teevee static teevee autoproduction

11 priests j.j. nothing feels natural sister polygon

11 post-pink fhe i believe you, ok sister polygon

11 shoeshine face to face a cinch in our sleeves autoproduction

11 scraper misery misery slovenly

11 totorro trop fort jéjé come to mexico recreation center

12 worse slow drip rubber burner deranged

12 death valley girls love spell glow in the dark burger

12 thee unforeseen moving shjips moving shjips autoproduction

13 hey colossus hop the railings radio static high rocket

13 suuns and jerusalem in my heart self suuns and jerusalem in my heart secretly canadian

13 ultraphallus sinister exaggerator the art of spectres sub rosa

14 charles de goal serbènét mobilisation + resistance danger

15 noir boy george quand tu marches dans la rue metz noire tanzprocesz

15 squadra omega sepolto dalle sabbie del tempo altri occhi ci guardano macina dischi

15 hypnodrone ensemble elliptical / hyperbolic the shape of space little crackd rabbit

15 p.j. harvey the community of hope the hope six demolition project island

15 worse a rubber burner deranged

15 death valley girls summertime glow in the dark burger

Artiste: death valley girls
Album: glow in the dark
Label: burger

Artiste: worse
Album: rubber burner
Label: deranged


Artiste: teevee
Album: teevee
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): beneath my stone / doo-wah / static

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