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  EMISSION DU 17/04/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 love is all spinning & scratching v/a: rough trade shops - indiepop 1 mute

1 ghost club howl of the duck ghostclubbing hausmusik

3 hang on the box no sexy for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

4 next exit to nowhere untitled track dream of the new pop e.p. interstellar

5 the projects no revolutions let's get static track & field

5 cranes beach mover self-non-self dedicated

7 cranes inescapable inescapable dedicated

7 cranes e. g. shining espero dedicated

7 greyscale silicon and steel cruel machine camera obscura

7 the white stripes hypnotize elephant third man/xl

9 primitives thru the flowers (original version) thru the flowers - the anthology sanctuary

10 shop assistants safety net v/a: rough trade shops - indie pop 1 mute

10 point line plane smoke signals smoke signals skin graft

10 hang on the box heroine and cocaine for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

10 stereo total cinémania do the bambi disko b

10 red sparowes the soundless dawn came alive as cities began to mark the horizon. at the soundless dawn neurot

10 the wedding present it's for you take fountain stickman

10 the 5,6,7,8´s let's go boogaloo teenage mojo workout sweet nothing

10 macrocosmica bunuel art of the black earth trepannerhead

10 the king cobra spook the butcher the king cobra trouble man unlimited

10 hang on the box i am mine for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

10 mogwai stop coming to my house government commissions - bbc sesssions 1996-2003 pias/bbc

Artiste: hang on the box
Album: for every punk bitch & arsehole
Label: arrivederci baby!


Artiste: cranes
Album: espero
Label: dedicated
Track(s): e. g. shining

Artiste: cranes
Album: inescapable
Label: dedicated
Track(s): inescapable

Artiste: cranes
Album: self-non-self
Label: dedicated
Track(s): beach mover


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