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  EMISSION DU 02/10/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kryten fever bone lunch money freakscene

2 the meltaways enough the meltways ep what´s for breakfast

3 cocaine piss the dancer the dancer hypertension

4 bambara her sister touya swarm arrowhawk

5 the black black meticulous adjusted i autoproduction

6 wrm$ young fades wild aura autoproduction

7 kill west shivers raw desire crang

8 chatham rise fall in chatham rise picture in my ear

9 chatham rise dawn v/a: we are the sun - chatham rise / the sightshines split picture in my ear

10 chatham rise eventide kxlu in studio session for part time punks picture in my ear

11 mums in a museum land of giants superstar destroyer

11 other baby imperial cloud total bust quiet mind

11 ultraphallus the blood sequence the art of spectres sub rosa

11 emma ruth rundle marked for death marked for death sargent house

11 death in space no way wishes autoproduction

11 bambara an ill son swarm arrowhawk

12 cocaine piss shiny pants the dancer hypertension

12 papier tigre teenage lifetime recreation africantape

12 sudden infant putrified puppet master invocation of the aural slave gods blossoming noise

13 sole & dj pain 1 my brand nihilismo black box tapes

13 youth code avengement commitment to complications dais

13 fistula smoke cat hair and toenails vermin prolificus to live a lie

14 pile grunt like a pig dripping exploding in sound

15 hollywoodfun downstairs 1929 reactions press gang

15 civil civic less unless rules remote control

15 konstrukt ilk hareket akustikelektrik wm

15 bambara filled up with night swarm arrowhawk

15 cocaine piss happiness the dancer hypertension

Artiste: bambara
Album: swarm
Label: arrowhawk

Artiste: cocaine piss
Album: the dancer
Label: hypertension


Artiste: chatham rise
Album: chatham rise
Label: picture in my ear
Track(s): fall in

Artiste: chatham rise
Album: kxlu in studio session for part time punks
Label: picture in my ear
Track(s): eventide

Artiste: chatham rise
Album: v/a: we are the sun - chatham rise / the sightshines split
Label: picture in my ear
Track(s): dawn

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