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  EMISSION DU 26/06/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kindling weightlessly everywhere else no idea

2 nots entertain me cosmetic goner

3 softess minor meltdown absolute truth thankless

4 sky:lark waterloo teeth lp2 superfi

5 super thief dog fart sump sink autoproduction

6 heroes for sale meatsweats meatsweats autoproduction

7 pip blom hours hours grunt grunt a go go

8 lorelle meets the obsolete vocablo n°1 v/a: cloud canyon/lorelle meets the obsolete split god unknown

9 sorry escalator (remit) like i do sorry escalator autoproduction

10 rince-doigt couteaux crystal plinth autoproduction

11 us weekly the story of us weekly imploading autoproduction

11 miët ratatatatouille cryptids la belle sauvage

11 moondead death moondead ooeygooey

11 softess trash lord absolute truth thankless

11 sky:lark big rig lp2 superfi

11 allah-las de vida voz worship the sun innovative leisure

12 la femme sur la planche psycho tropical berlin born bad

12 django django shot down born under saturn because music

12 bombay slow motion show your teeth v2

12 frank carter and the rattlesnakes i hate you blossom kobalt label services

13 between the buried and me life in velvet coma ecliptic metal blade

13 slaves the hunter are you satisfied? virgin

13 fumaça preta décimo andar impuros fanaticos soundway

14 the black heart rebellion bow and silk arrow people when you see the smoke do not think it is fields they´re burning 9000

15 jeanne added a war is coming be sensational naïve

15 steak number eight principal features of the cult kosmokoma indie

15 protomartyr uncle mother´s the agent intellect hardly art

15 sky:lark scenic lp2 superfi

15 softess nite lies absolute truth thankless

Artiste: sky:lark
Album: lp2
Label: superfi

Artiste: softess
Album: absolute truth
Label: thankless

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