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  EMISSION DU 20/03/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 violent panda no ass songs we like autoproduction

2 spelunk shea stadium blose need autoproduction

3 coubiac break lunch a tant rêver du roi

4 ghost lake jewel i feel everything autoproduction

5 the kvb night games of desire invada

6 cocaine piss sex weirdos sex weirdos hypertension

7 guili guili goulag sapric ibexib cheap satanism

8 silence mangoes pre-mix autoproduction

9 spectres where flies sleep dying sonic cathedral

10 spectres mirror dying sonic cathedral

11 spectres blood in the cups dying sonic cathedral

11 pink rick different species different species british wildlife

11 coubiac food contest lunch a tant rêver du roi

11 ghost lake ache i feel everything autoproduction

11 duane serah suture duane serah sick fuzz

11 ed wood jr drive lost.drive.water.exit black basset

12 aluk todolo 8:18 voix norma evangelium diaboli

12 the third eye foundation alarm song semtex [20th anniversary ed.] ici d´ailleurs...

12 mugstar la vallee magnetic seasons rock action

12 gold class life as a gun it´s you felte

13 male gaze cliffs of madness gale maze castle face

13 the oscillation take us to the moon monographic hands in the dark

13 coubiac gut twister lunch a tant rêver du roi

14 ghost lake control i feel everything autoproduction

Artiste: coubiac
Album: lunch
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: ghost lake
Album: i feel everything
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: spectres
Album: dying
Label: sonic cathedral
Track(s): where flies sleep / mirror / blood in the cups

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