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  EMISSION DU 27/12/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 earth girls code switch someone i´d like to know dirt cult

2 tongue party like a chump tongue party lawn chair

3 health problems lies & movement winners virgin spring publishing

4 sometimes always you broke my heart the complete recordings rizkan

5 riel el tenebroso pasajes cincope

6 the guru guru syq kumshod the guru guru live ep autoproduction

7 sustains lucero lucero paradise

8 grivo hdc grivo ep autoproduction

9 high june far far autoproduction

10 frana you´d be so scared on the treno fantasma v/a: frana/opiliones split munich-punk-shop

11 knife the symphony last dance v/a: knife the symphony/smoke signals split phratry

11 baxter stockman male talent v/a: baxter stockman/harpon split poutrage

11 the cult of lip center the cult of lip no problem

11 duane serah suture duane serah sick fuzz

11 opium eyes of nico drone in c5 dronecaïne opium eyes

11 sometimes always dread the complete recordings rizkan

11 health problems no coffee day winners virgin spring publishing

12 the lurkers freak show freak show beggars banquet

12 tubeway army are "friends" electric? replicas beggars banquet

12 the the adult net incense & peppermints incense & peppermints beggars banquet

12 bauhaus in the flat field double dare beggars banquet

12 daniel ash coming down (slow version) this love beggars banquet

13 mercury rev trickle down boces beggars banquet

13 the nefilim penetration zoon beggars banquet

13 swell today for all the beautiful people beggars banquet

13 iliketrains twenty-fire-sins elegies to lesson learnt beggars banquet

13 health problems paramount winners virgin spring publishing

13 sometimes always porcelain the complete recordings rizkan

Artiste: sometimes always
Album: the complete recordings
Label: rizkan

Artiste: health problems
Album: winners
Label: virgin spring publishing

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