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  EMISSION DU 22/11/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 arre! arre! tight ass a.t.t.a.c.k. rundgang

2 nots decadence we are nots goner

3 blood cookie care again sad party animal autoproduction

4 mope city untapped utility petri dish tenth court

5 dilly dally snake head sore buzz

6 buzz rodeo station 41 sports whosbrain

7 sweet cobra old haunts earth magic bullet

8 nac/hut report ah ah east schism no symmetry double hallucinative

9 bardo pond do the big bhang v/a: bardo pond/kogumaza split god unknown

10 kogumaza cosmist kogumaza low point

11 kogumaza ursids v/a: kogumaza/hookworms split god unknown

11 kogumaza amazomes v/a: bardo pond/kogumaza split god unknown

11 ours blond men in trees are blue and have video cameras ours blond le collectif semi-conscient

11 enablers new moon tundra majic wallet

11 mope city my pen pal´s opinion petri dish tenth court

11 blood cookie (i don´t get) no respect sad party animal autoproduction

11 overtime a4 3000 autoproduction

12 ghost box orchestra lodge iii sound of (eternal now) autoproduction

12 parallel odyssey new tales of orion new tales of orion autoproduction

12 the telescopes i wanna be your dog v/a: the telescopes / a place to bury strangers split single n°6 fuzz club

12 mugstar wire to wire v/a: white hills/mugstar split god unknown

12 100%chevalier senzu ep-ée press eject and give me tape

13 zea faster the 7" cassette makkum

13 half japanese coocoo bingo ringo joyful noise

13 cuntz evil force the zone homeless

13 pinact anxiety stand still and rot kanine

13 widowspeak all yours all yours captured tracks

13 mope city disasterpiece petri dish tenth court

13 blood cookie to the clouds sad party animal autoproduction

Artiste: blood cookie
Album: sad party animal
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: mope city
Album: petri dish
Label: tenth court


Artiste: kogumaza
Album: v/a: bardo pond/kogumaza split
Label: god unknown
Track(s): amazomes

Artiste: kogumaza
Album: v/a: kogumaza/hookworms split
Label: god unknown
Track(s): ursids

Artiste: kogumaza
Album: kogumaza
Label: low point
Track(s): cosmist

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