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  EMISSION DU 08/11/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 palehound molly dry food exploding in sound

2 sleeptalking distorted vision distorted vision autoproduction

3 lost rockets used to be in a cult lost rockets hell is now love

4 petula clarck sacred evening alle apen vrij! rockerill

5 overtime 3000 3000 autoproduction

6 philadelphia collins sofa queen derp swervin exploding in sound

7 le a deus pale echo les disques du fennec

8 the dunes when you wake up when you wake up autoproduction

9 the dunes badlands bad:lands autoproduction

10 kiss painting cop daddy crowded with fluorescent hum alarum

11 wall cuban cigars wall ep wharf cat

11 protomartyr uncle mother´s the agent intellect hardly art

11 lost rockets dr suess lost rockets hell is now love

11 petula clarck goroo alle apen vrij! rockerill

11 laetitia sheriff don´t be old the anticipation yotanka

11 messer chups miss surf miss libido 2000 solnze

11 zu a sky burial cortar todo ipecac

12 chris corsano/mette rasmussen free piece live on air 1 live on ckut´s new shit ckut

12 le butcherettes they fuck you over a raw youth ipecac

12 hollywoodfun downstairs pocket cool reactions press gang

12 prohibition hold on towncrier prohibited

12 today is the day going to hell in the eyes of god relapse

13 petula clarck retro maiden alle apen vrij! rockerill

13 lost rockets waves lost rockets hell is now love

Artiste: lost rockets
Album: lost rockets
Label: hell is now love

Artiste: petula clarck
Album: alle apen vrij!
Label: rockerill


Artiste: the dunes
Album: bad:lands
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): badlands

Artiste: the dunes
Album: when you wake up
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): when you wake up

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