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  EMISSION DU 28/06/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the valiums shitty feeling shitty feeling autoproduction

2 juliawhy? painkiller wheel exxe

3 weed hounds harbor weed hounds katorga works

4 buzz rodeo arkansas sports whosbrain

5 usa nails distilled town sonic moist smalltown america

6 vexx black/white give and take katorga works

7 tempura nights r.i.p. chix whine heath street wax

8 season of strangers yellow moon demos autoproduction

9 wozniak snow effect auster morningside young team

10 metz i.o.u. ii sub pop

11 teen creeps the point v/a: teen creeps/mind rays split oddie

11 die! die! die! angel swim sounds of subterrania!

11 lil dowager bible history mouth never too late to hate condition

11 swirlies jeremy parker (radio session) magic strop: orla vs. dragon sneaky flute empire

11 weed hounds destination of choice weed hounds katorga works

11 buzz rodeo home sports whosbrain

11 acid baby jesus night of pan selected recordings slovenly

12 circa waves shoot the sky young chasers virgin

12 drenge have you forgotten my name? undertow infectious

12 eagulls footsteps eagulls partisan

12 john coffey echo the great news v2

12 laetitia sheriff wash pandemonium solace and stars differ-ant

12 moon duo zero shadow of the sun sacred bones

13 palma violets better on the beach girl, you couldn´t do much danger in the club rough trade

13 solstafir middegi otta season of mist

13 songhoy blues soubour music in exile pias

13 timber timbre curtains!? hot dreams arts & crafts

13 za! gran muralla china wanananai discorporate

13 buzz rodeo pop sports whosbrain

15 weed hounds mystical cave zone weed hounds katorga works

Artiste: weed hounds
Album: weed hounds
Label: katorga works

Artiste: buzz rodeo
Album: sports
Label: whosbrain

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