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  EMISSION DU 12/04/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 black planet cuntrol cuntrol autoproduction

2 propaganda ministern frontline combat propaganda ministern autoproduction

3 kill the capulets attention kill the capulets three one g

4 eula i collapse wool sucking famous swords

5 pale shelter no cable normal features ep autoproduction

6 heads. chewing on kittens heads. this charming man

7 future of the left how to spot a record company how to stop your brain in an accident prescriptions

7 boca river coffee dance away ep cranes

8 sonic jesus triumph neither virtue nor anger fuzz club

9 terminal cheesecake pony boy angels in pigtails pathological

10 terminal cheesecake drug pearlesque king of the jewmost world serpent

11 terminal cheesecake ginge le geezer king of all spaceheads jackass

11 psychic sex hardcore friend you, voyeur subviolet

11 kill the capulets x-ray vision kill the capulets three one g

11 eula like no other wool sucking famous swords

11 föllakzoid earth iii sacred bones

11 shady hawkins not my comrades dead to me sister polygon

11 not of new atlantis pique autoproduction

12 le commander keen vün dër häntz maxi-futur autoproduction

12 the scrap dealers no sense in your eyes the scrap dealers jaune orange

12 godflesh life giver life taker world lit only by fire avalanche

12 von stroheim in her loneliness sing for blood navalorama

12 las vegas cream exit off

12 eula meadows wool sucking famous swords

12 kill the capulets zodiac killer kill the capulets three one g

Artiste: eula
Album: wool sucking
Label: famous swords

Artiste: kill the capulets
Album: kill the capulets
Label: three one g


Artiste: terminal cheesecake
Album: king of all spaceheads
Label: jackass
Track(s): ginge le geezer

Artiste: terminal cheesecake
Album: angels in pigtails
Label: pathological
Track(s): pony boy

Artiste: terminal cheesecake
Album: pearlesque king of the jewmost
Label: world serpent
Track(s): drug

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