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  EMISSION DU 08/03/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 peter kernel leaving for the moon thrill addict on the camper

2 pauwels la une elina october tone club

3 massis n°3 massis autoproduction

4 cherubs sandy on the beach 2 ynfynyty brutal panda

5 direct effet big world direct effect autoproduction

6 swingers nervous ginger chromatic navalorama

7 spirit lapse tri-isthmus dark energy autoproduction

7 secret pyramid outside the silent march / movements of night students of decay

7 secret pyramid a descent the silent march / movements of night students of decay

7 secret pyramid move through night the silent march / movements of night students of decay

10 nid´poul le fluidibal nid´poul ep autoproduction

11 pneu hinges destination qualité head

11 schoolbusdriver my black hole theory nursery rhymes for old men fuzz-wire

11 cherubs unhappyable 2 ynfynyty brutal panda

11 massis powerplant massis autoproduction

11 modest mouse interstate 8 building nothing out of something up

11 mambo krokodile junkie bertier honest house

11 it it anita tacoma it it anita honest house

11 fat supper smell academic sausage les disques normal

12 mount stealth nairobics ep2 chez kito kat

12 dad rocks! body mass index year of the flesh les disques normal

12 cleft elephant in the bar room exite...stage cleft autoproduction

12 mermonte cécile arendarsky audiorama clapping music

12 benoît lizen el dia a kia naomka honest house

12 cherubs so jellified 2 ynfynyty brutal panda

12 massis push massis autoproduction

Artiste: massis
Album: massis
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: cherubs
Album: 2 ynfynyty
Label: brutal panda


Artiste: secret pyramid
Album: the silent march / movements of night
Label: students of decay
Track(s): outside / a descent / move through night


Honest House 10 years avec Julien Dubois

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