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  EMISSION DU 25/01/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 high pop glass bomb holy smokes! seagreen

2 mannequin pussy kiss v/a: kiss me tender/sorry thanks sorry split tape (mannequin pussy & dog legs) crumb cabin

3 los octopus duende tercero el hielo hoy black fish discos

4 leather glutton easy slugsalt

5 jessica93 karmic debt rise teenage menopause

6 the black waves full-time dreamers thousands of visions autoproduction

7 glazer wash glazer autoproduction

7 octaves tom petty crash v/a: caravels & octaves split topshelf

7 caravels moody miles v/a: caravels & octaves split topshelf

7 baby fire door of mercy the red robe off

10 sleater-kinney no anthems no cities to love sub pop

11 mdme spkr big nothing big nothing autoproduction

11 mombu 667 a step ahead of the devil niger subsound

11 la jungle l´enfer la jungle rockerill

11 longings trapped demo twerp

11 leather new skin easy slugsalt

11 los octopus la sangre en el ojo el hielo hoy black fish discos

11 godspeed you! black emperor rockets fall on rocket falls yanqui u.x.o. constellation

11 peter kernel supernatural powers thrill addict on the camper

12 painted zeros this american life s v a l b a r d black bell

12 sauna youth town called disctration dreamlands gringo

12 kairon; irse! tzar morei ujubasajuba autoproduction

12 leather cannibal easy slugsalt

12 los octopus cabeza del sol el hielo hoy black fish discos

Artiste: los octopus
Album: el hielo hoy
Label: black fish discos

Artiste: leather
Album: easy
Label: slugsalt

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