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  EMISSION DU 23/11/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the cult of dom keller the second bardo the second bardo cardinal fuzz

2 xerox revision xerox ep autoproduction

3 future death riot trains special victim bloodmoss

4 ladder devils remember the tooth clean hands brutal panda

5 drive with a dead girl san luis hotel california´s lineaments

6 a place to bury strangers straight transfixiation dead oceans

7 chain of flowers how to satisfy me arches session swime language

7 future of the left prescriptions human deatth prescriptions

7 new tongues pilots suite 4 songs autoproduction

7 powder blue go on forever dream in black dub ditch picnic

10 powder blue dream in black dream in black dub ditch picnic

11 powder blue feel it powder blue autoproduction

11 la jungle caracala la jungle autoproduction

11 finished hand of glory their is no god autoproduction

11 ladder devils midnight eyes clean hands brutal panda

11 future death junkhammer special victim bloodmoss

11 king woman dove dove / fond affections native sound

11 usa nails seatlicker sonic moist smalltown america

11 reiziger this song is killing me my favourite everything stick sister

12 ten volt shock blacklight strasbourg gunner

12 retox mature science ypll epitaph

12 godspeed you! black emperor mother fucker = redeemer yanqui u.x.o. constellation

12 ladder devils nameless faceless clean hands brutal panda

12 future death speedweed special victim bloodmoss

Artiste: future death
Album: special victim
Label: bloodmoss

Artiste: ladder devils
Album: clean hands
Label: brutal panda


Artiste: powder blue
Album: powder blue
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): feel it

Artiste: powder blue
Album: dream in black
Label: dub ditch picnic
Track(s): go on forever / dream in black

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