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  EMISSION DU 13/07/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 death valley girls arrow street venom burger

2 action beat + g.w. sok spoonfeed hell a remarkable machine ernest jenning

3 art trip and the static sound ship nothing is static fiasco

4 the austerity program song 30 beyond calculation controlled burn

5 worm crown odc rinse ep autoproduction

6 blush response without a sound telltale ep autoproduction

7 static daydream nowhere to hide - autoproduction

7 ceremony birds birds emerald & doreen

7 mary hart attack the collision course of my destiny transition ep autoproduction

7 zulus set fire set fire 80/81

10 melkbelly theme from blar iii newed snow public house sound

11 dark times be cool be cool sheep chase

11 the austerity program song 33 beyond calculation controlled burn

11 art trip and the static sound break up nothing is static fiasco

11 fresh snow saturation complete i reel cod

11 roku music you collider sonic masala

11 it it anita pilot of gold - autoproduction

11 quintron ring the alarm sucre du sauvage goner

11 larry gus the night patrols (a man sleep) years not living dfa

12 nisennenmondai a n bijin

12 paus lupiter deacon é uma àgua ep enchufada

12 the growlers one million lovers hung at heart fat cat

12 the austerity program song 36 beyond calculation controlled burn

12 art trip and the static sound stop nothing is static fiasco

Artiste: the austerity program
Album: beyond calculation
Label: controlled burn

Artiste: art trip and the static sound
Album: nothing is static
Label: fiasco


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