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  EMISSION DU 29/06/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jaguwar breathe bullets which taste like pure fruit i pinmusik

2 earring black chalk black chalk public house sound

3 power take off kansas 2 - electric boogaloo this is late learning curve

4 the swamp creatures guts impressions autoproduction

5 why? said the moon to earth tv is//we are//imagine yourself why? said the moon to earth ep autoproduction

5 radar men from the moon what the lightning said strange wave galore fuzz club

6 the kvb heavy eyes out of body ep a

6 perspex flesh cancer black perspex flesh static shock

6 mansion ultimate grand supreme mansion autoproduction

6 ilill nie jestem nie jestem autoproduction

8 cheyenne 40 wattignies cinquante autoproduction

9 the ukiah drag dirt trip dirt trip wharf cat

9 the swamp creatures shyness impressions autoproduction

9 power take off man, it smells great in here this is late learning curve

9 bad bad not good can´t leave the night iii innovative leisure

9 band of skulls nightmares himalayan electric blues

9 blood red shoes tightwire blood red shoes jazzlife

9 bombay show pig sharp like vulture/provider kytopia

9 breton legs and arms war room stories believe

10 cheveu pirate bay bum born bad

10 deap vally walk of shame sistrionix island

10 intergalactic lovers war little heavy burdens emi

10 johnny flynn country mile country mile vertigo

10 king khan and the shrines le fils de jacques dutronc what is?! hazelwood

10 psycho 44 all my demons have distortion suburban guide to springtide pias

10 traams swimming pool grin fat cat

10 power take off some gave all this is late learning curve

11 the swamp creatures blades tonight impressions autoproduction

11 american cream no byte nathan old blackberry way

Artiste: the swamp creatures
Album: impressions
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: power take off
Album: this is late
Label: learning curve

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