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  EMISSION DU 29/09/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the lost rivers fall sin and lostness northern star

2 pins girls like us girls like us bella union

3 throat gift gas manhole rejuvanetion

4 mazzy star in the kingdom seasons of your day rhymes of an hour

5 tsuki moon what you carry on the sun will rise again autoproduction

5 drinking flowers vibrating violence sanity restored 1972 lolipop

6 bogong in action inside the chicken mahalo lemming

6 the ex & brass unbound last famous words enormous door ex

6 blood cookie to the clouds v/a: ghost army & blood cookie split ep autoproduction

6 nazi gold breaker a message of love super secret

8 cafeteria dance fever ocular evulsor danceology hovercraft

9 indian jewelry vital lately peel it the reverberation appreciation society

9 bathernay in the rain untitled one autoproduction

9 mazzy star does someone have your baby now seasons of your day rhymes of an hour

9 throat perfect teeth manhole rejuvanetion

9 less than jake younger lungs greetings & salvations cargo

9 art brut slap dash for no cash art brut vs satan cargo

9 alec empire ice (as if she could steal a piece of my glamour) the golden foretaste of heaven cargo

9 five horse johnson keep on diggin´ the taking of black heart cargo

9 delay trees delay trees about brothers cargo

10 i heart hiroshima go out the rip cargo

10 figurines hanging from above figurines cargo

10 fuzz orchestra sangue morire per la patria cheap satanism

10 petula clarck djambo beat v/a: petula clarck + la pince split rockerill

10 throat euthanasia coaster manhole rejuvanetion

10 mazzy star lay myself down seasons of your day rhymes of an hour

Artiste: throat
Album: manhole
Label: rejuvanetion

Artiste: mazzy star
Album: seasons of your day
Label: rhymes of an hour

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