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  EMISSION DU 21/04/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 catholic spray hustling in barbès earth slime born bad

2 hunting pictures lo-fi science hunting pictures autoproduction

3 shannon wright noise parade in film sound vicious circle

4 stnnng braindumb empire inward rejuvanetion

5 chelsea light moving burroughs chelsea light moving matador

6 the thermals born to kill desperate ground saddle creek

7 barn owl pacific isolation v thrill jockey

7 diiv (druun) oshin captured tracks

7 diiv air conditioning v captured tracks

7 diiv (druun pt. ii) oshin captured tracks

9 fillette la maîtresse en maillot de bain fillette katatak

10 wolf eyes village oblivia burned mind sub pop

10 hey colossus hot grave cuckoo live life like cuckoo mie

10 bazooka war parade bazooka slovenly

10 shannon wright who´s sorry now? in film sound vicious circle

10 stnnng empire inward empire inward rejuvanetion

10 föllakzoid trees ii sacred bones

10 the black angels don´t play with guns indigo meadow blue horizon

10 girls against boys bff you can´t fight what you can´t see cycle

10 lumerians the bloom horizon structures knitting factory

11 indian jewelry temporary famine ship free gold! lovepump united

11 godflesh mothra pure earache

11 loop like rats (loopflesh) the world in your eyes reactor

11 stnnng long middle empire inward rejuvanetion

11 shannon wright captive to nowhere in film sound vicious circle

Artiste: stnnng
Album: empire inward
Label: rejuvanetion

Artiste: shannon wright
Album: in film sound
Label: vicious circle


Artiste: diiv
Album: oshin
Label: captured tracks
Track(s): (druun) / (druun pt. ii)

Artiste: diiv
Album: v
Label: captured tracks
Track(s): air conditioning

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