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  EMISSION DU 03/03/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bukkake moms eat pray love the gay away philosophical perversion autoproduction

2 leaves leaves sabbath tuna boots autoproduction

3 die! die! die! erase waves harmony golden antenna

4 vandal x god knows god knows fons

5 widowspeak storm king almanac captured tracks

6 unmade beds wrong shape unmade beds ep autoproduction

7 the germans poor women and homos mother sings in front of the house rockoco

7 mémoires d´automne time of the end cliché meidosem

7 mémoires d´automne etrange automne cliché meidosem

7 mémoires d´automne cliché cliché meidosem

10 iceage you´re nothing you´re nothing matador

11 castus post rock madona matamore

11 die! die! die! changeman harmony golden antenna

11 vandal x one shot in the head god knows fons

11 my empty phantom into the unknown my empty phantom little wolf

11 graphic violence graphic violence graphic violence conspiracy

11 ultraphallus clever horse the clever conspiracy

11 kiss the anus of a black cat miserere the nebulas dreams conspiracy

11 year of no light persephone ii ausserwelt conspiracy

11 shora siphrodias malval conspiracy

12 isis stare to wake a serpent wavering radiant conspiracy

12 master musicians of bukkake in the light of the sonoran totem one conspiracy

12 the pirate ship quintet that girl i used to live in rope for no hopers denovali

12 three second kiss a catastrophe outside tastyville africantape

12 vandal x help me god knows fons

12 die! die! die! twitching sunshines harmony golden antenna

Artiste: vandal x
Album: god knows
Label: fons

Artiste: die! die! die!
Album: harmony
Label: golden antenna


Artiste: mémoires d´automne
Album: cliché
Label: meidosem
Track(s): time of the end / etrange automne / cliché

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