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  EMISSION DU 06/01/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 action beat bletchely 79 the condition truth cult

2 joint d# not tonight strike gently sorry state

3 zulus surgery zulus aagoo

4 metz headache metz sub pop

5 tigon the archivist infinite teeth the ghost is clear

6 topsy the great minuto steffald from scratch

7 broken water yanka dyagileva tempest hardly art

7 shiny penny picking a fight dawn striker!!!! autoproduction

7 useless children stranger post ending // pre completion iron lung

7 marylin rambo minimal full power baleine à nourrir label brique

10 nose in the nose sheraf crash autoproduction

11 kowloon walled city wrong side of history container ships brutal panda

11 white lung dead beat sorry deranged

11 divorce pencils giant pencils divorce night school

11 vélooo moustache en cuir même pas mal a tant rêver du roi

11 poles geologre marmyteran autoproduction

12 nü sensae curdle the cream sundowning suicide squeeze

12 organic sequence of my projector under your carbon constellation complete control productions

12 the lost rivers fall sin and lostness northern star

12 the glad husbands the day he made up his mind god bless the stormy weather whosbrain

13 adolina worm´s riot caldeira a tant rêver du roi

13 new bleeders blockhead new bleeders autoproduction

13 jesus is my son mieux vaut se mentir et être heureux 1914-1918 ffhhh

13 mugstar axis modulator axis agitated

13 cannibales & vahinés strange fruit nowhere tractor notown

13 choochooshoeshoot you´re welcome playland kythibong

13 paint fumes surf party apocalypse uck life slovenly

13 lamps learned hopelessness under the water under the ground in the red

14 blacklisters mouthpeace blklstrs brew

14 white suns fire sermon sinews load

17 silver dapple give me grace english girlfriend forchristsake

17 k-holes nightshifter dismania hardly art
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