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  EMISSION DU 21/10/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 keiki hiroshima nagasaki popcorn from the grave cheap satanism

2 the creakies dead stay holy (split w/ the creakies & the webs) autoproduction

3 bitpart meet me in the freezer where we are corn dog

4 divorce cunts in a circle divorce night school

5 sleeping people klinik notruf ep temporary residence limited

6 cannibales & vahinés 2-2-3 fridges nowhere tractor notown

7 horson jean_fade demo 2012 honest house

7 hey lover she´s in the city hey lover hovercraft

7 hey lover let me kill an arab hey lover hovercraft

7 hey lover super twister!!! hey lover hovercraft

10 throat anal paranoid v/a: throat / black sun split 7' - vinyl series volume 1 hell comes home

11 siamese queens mona lisa the first siamese queens ep autoproduction

11 bitpart aaah where we are corn dog

11 divorce aids of space divorce night school

11 aqua nebula oscillator lsd therapy under the moon of... pan european

11 scrap dealers mysticism introducing the scrap dealers autoproduction

11 lumerians untitled 1 transmissions from the telos vol. iv permanent

11 beak> liar beak>> invada

11 swell maps full moon in my pocket a trip to marineville mute

11 swell maps blam a trip to marineville mute

12 camera lynch radiate! bureau b

12 kas product never come back try out rca

12 the faint mote mote/dust gold standard laboratories

12 this heat make shift swahili deceit rough trade

12 god bullies king of sling kill the king alternative tentacles

12 divorce never try anything new at least once a day divorce night school

12 bitpart bubblewrap where we are corn dog

Artiste: bitpart
Album: where we are
Label: corn dog

Artiste: divorce
Album: divorce
Label: night school


Artiste: hey lover
Album: hey lover
Label: hovercraft
Track(s): she´s in the city / let me kill an arab / super twister!!!

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