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  EMISSION DU 02/09/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 silver dapple give me grace english girlfriend forchristsake

2 k-holes mosquito dismania hardly art

3 white suns fire sermon sinews load

4 ides of gemini the vessel & the stake constantinople neurot

5 gnod 5th dub 5th sun trensmat

6 thee oh sees lupine dominus putrifiers ii in the red

7 nonagon severe presence people live everywhere autoproduction

7 petula clarck yazoulk instinction none

7 a dead forest index distance antique denovali

7 you slut! fifzteen medium bastard stressed sumo

10 whirling hall of knives alternate devil (tamas) alternate devil trensmat

11 ides of gemini resurrectionists constantinople neurot

11 white suns flesh vault sinews load

11 buildings noxema gurl melt cry sleep cash cow

11 fat32 hard drive hard drive gaffer

11 caspar brötzmann massaker hunter song black axis marat

11 toe two moons for long tomorrow white noise

11 heirs mandril alchera denovali

11 castles the reverend you, the organ grinder eyes of sound

11 seven that spells black om rising black om rising beta-lactam ring

12 ides of gemini austrian windows constantinople neurot

12 stinking lizaveta sacrifice and bliss sacrifice and bliss at a loss

12 hank haint keep on walking blackout voodoo rhythm

12 white suns oath sinews load

12 ides of gemini martyrium constantinople neurot

Artiste: white suns
Album: sinews
Label: load

Artiste: ides of gemini
Album: constantinople
Label: neurot

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