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  EMISSION DU 24/06/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 turing machine yeah, c´mon what is the meaning of what temporary residence limited

2 tropic of cancer the one left permissions of love mannequin

3 k-holes child dismania hardly art

4 cafeteria dance fever there´s a hot dog coin under the table danceology hovercraft

5 piresian beach easter alle falle autoproduction

6 tsuki moon what you carry on the sun will rise again autoproduction

7 ringo deathstarr shadow (spc eco mix) shadow tour ep ac30

7 spc eco don´t say don´t say elab

7 ilydaen ... with sharpened seax exordium autoproduction

7 organic disturbing street fist, food & fury autoproduction

10 divorce horseheads horseheads milk

11 marteleur empty dark road first blow autoproduction

11 xaddax the night hat counterclockwork skin graft

11 cafeteria dance fever gorilla escapes zoo danceology hovercraft

11 k-holes rats dismania hardly art

11 do make say think minmin goodby enemy airship the landlord is dead constellation

11 siskiyou everything i have siskiyou constellation

11 clues approach the throne clues constellation

11 elfin saddle the wind come carry devastates constellation

11 esmerine little streams make big rivers la lechuza constellation

12 thee silver mt. zion memorial orchestra and tra-la-la band 1,000,000 died to make this sound 13 blues for 13 moons constellation

12 glissandro 70 analogue shantytown glissandro 70 constellation

12 cafeteria dance fever a rainbow that shoots nuncucks at people danceology hovercraft

12 k-holes window in the wall dismania hardly art

Artiste: k-holes
Album: dismania
Label: hardly art

Artiste: cafeteria dance fever
Album: danceology
Label: hovercraft

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