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  EMISSION DU 11/03/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 thee oh sees carrion crawler carrion crawler/the dream in the red

2 medicine time baby ii time baby ii (reissue) captured tracks

3 white hills pards of light frying on this rock thrill jockey

4 boutros bubba rabbit/acquaintance ridiculous wrists narrominded

5 earth sigil of brass angels of darkness, demons of light ii southern lord

6 jesus is my son mieux vaut se mentir et être heureux 1914-1918 ffhhh

7 mary christ halfway demo autoproduction

7 underground railroad 8 millimetres white night stand one little indian

7 white fangs sick n sad v/a: white fangs/teenage moonlight borderliners split cassette inch allah

7 amp remember passé présent enraptured

10 amp scarborough fair passé présent enraptured

11 amp tomorrow (demo) passé présent enraptured

11 nü sensae gumbo tea swamp park fast weapons

11 jucifer armageddon throned in blood relapse

11 boutros bubba imperial stormtrooper ridiculous wrists narrominded

11 white hills robot stomp frying on this rock thrill jockey

11 future of the left with apologies to emily pankhurst polymers are forever xtra mile

11 the experimental tropic blues band the best burger liquid love jaune orange

11 the jon spencer blues explosion wail now i got worry mute

11 the the fall greenway ersatz g.b. cherry red

12 blurt cut it! cut it! les temps modernes

12 honey for petzi structurotron heal all monsters gentlemen

12 doomsday student her hairy graveyard a jumpers´s handbook anchor brain

12 boutros bubba green green bread of home ridiculous wrists narrominded

12 white hills song of everything frying on this rock thrill jockey

Artiste: boutros bubba
Album: ridiculous wrists
Label: narrominded

Artiste: white hills
Album: frying on this rock
Label: thrill jockey

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