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  EMISSION DU 04/12/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 white hills the condition of nothing h-p1 thrill jockey

2 the megaphonic thrift candy sin decay decoy sonic unyon

3 pre yr fun is fun third album skin graft

4 thee oh sees carrion crawler carrion crawler/the dream in the red

5 barn owl the darkest night since 1863 lost in the glare thrill jockey

6 battles africastle gloss drop warp

7 brown angel occidentosis brown angel thunderhaus ltd

7 cherryblades happy families in dependance imaginary

7 cherryblades everyday is extreme in dependance imaginary

7 cherryblades soul in dependance imaginary

10 that fucking tank car on fire tft obscene baby auction

11 bare wires make her mine cheap perfume southpaw

11 idiot prayer 100 ducks falconer muzai

11 thee oh sees robber barons carrion crawler/the dream in the red

11 pre dead pony third album skin graft

11 michel cloup (duo) notre silence notre silence mc disques

11 action beat solgunn beatings truth cult

11 stig noise sound system attack, attack, attack, attack, attack v/a: stig noise sound system vs a.p.a.t.t. split class a audio

11 the ex maybe i was a pilot catch my shoe ex

11 glenn branca the ascension the ascension 99

12 talk normal lone general lone general m´lady´s

12 pre goof third album skin graft

12 thee oh sees the dream carrion crawler/the dream in the red

Artiste: thee oh sees
Album: carrion crawler/the dream
Label: in the red

Artiste: pre
Album: third album
Label: skin graft

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