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  EMISSION DU 22/05/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 l´enfance rouge nada, nothing, niente, gar nicht, rien bar-bari wallace

2 the shitty limits last orders last orders 7" la vida es un mus

3 sky:lark paper machete sky:lark autoproduction

4 enablers patton blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

5 explosions in the sky last known surroundings take care, take care, take care temporary residence limited

6 the austerity program song 27 backsliders and apostates will burn hydra head

7 six organs of admittance river of my mouth asleep on the floodplain drag city

7 drums are for parades i´m not who you think we are master skeleton ears

7 broken water peripheral star peripheral star perennial

7 oxbow burn king of jews hydra head

10 the girls at dawn reach me (don´t forget) call the doctor norton

11 thank you 1-2-3 bad golden worry thrill jockey

11 1994! shut up the fuck up fckyrhed inkblot

11 baby fire fingers no fear cheap satanism

11 krang speed of tent speed of tent 7" mammoth cave

11 enablers no no gently blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

11 abigail williams

11 schnaak my robot garden wake up colossus discorporate

11 civet son of a bitch hell hath no fury hellcat

11 negative pegasus for life demo autoproduction

12 k-branding gefahr alliance humpty dumpty

12 ramon zarate burning bob oyster ramon zarate productions

12 vader black metal (venom cover) necropolis nuclear blast

12 goatsnake black cat bone trampled under hoof southern lord

12 eyehategod masters of legalized confusion dopesick century media

12 nomeansno it´s catching up wrong alternative tentacles

12 enablers rue girardon blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

12 thurston moore mina loy demolished thoughts matador

Artiste: enablers
Album: blown realms and stalled explosions
Label: exile on mainstream

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