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  EMISSION DU 08/05/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shannon wright fractured secret blood vicious circle

2 psychic paramount intro sp ii no quarter

3 times new viking it´s a culture dancer equired wichita

4 slices medusa cruising iron lung

5 this will destroy you hand powdered tunnel blanket monotreme

6 jucifer return of the native throned in blood relapse

7 grouper i saw a ray a|a: alien observer / a|a: dream loss yellow electric

7 the thermals it´s trivia more parts per million sub pop

7 brain banger stay down munsoned hawthorne street

7 the naked souls demo 1 - -

10 the naked souls demo 2 - -

11 the naked souls demo 3 - -

11 daughters the virgin daughters hydra head

11 scout niblett strip me pluto the calcination of scout niblett drag city

11 times new viking don´t go to liverpool dancer equired wichita

11 slices robbie cruising iron lung

11 reiziger windows of the world my favourite everything stick sister

11 afrirampo egolo island we are uchu no ko rock action

11 casse brique casse dalle sauce amour v/a: archipelagos honest house

11 rolo tomassi house house casanova cosmology holy roar

12 duchess says aeae anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

12 k-branding blurred vision alliance humpty dumpty

12 kimmo clac son bolt and biscuit rejuvenation

12 frank shinobi destination dubaï a little less more honest house

12 the soft moon parallels the soft moon captured tracks

12 thee oh sees warm slime warm slime in the red

12 berline0.33 anaesthesia planned obsolescence katatak

12 slices laughing while eating cruising iron lung

13 times new viking want to exist dancer equired wichita

Artiste: slices
Album: cruising
Label: iron lung

Artiste: times new viking
Album: dancer equired
Label: wichita

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