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  EMISSION DU 09/01/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bardo pond don´t know about you bardo pond fire

2 white drugs dmt gold magic kunstwaffe/amphetamine reptile

3 kit merticane invocation upset the rythm

4 l´enfance rouge perquisitions bar-bari wallace

5 the corin tucker band 1,000 years 1,000 years kill rock stars

6 hey colossus golden eggs dominant male no lite

7 aucan rooko dna ep africantape

7 the ex keep on walking catch my choe ex

7 heirs drain fowl denovali

7 the telescopes there is no floor taste cheree

10 bo ningen koroshitai kimochi bo ningen stolen

11 castus homard madona matamore

11 kit rain invocation upset the rythm

11 l´enfance rouge wa ana lastou durduvyyan bar-bari wallace

11 nü sensae sweet thing tv, death and the devil nominal

11 shannon wright fractured secret blood vicious circle

11 black math horseman tyrant wyllt tee pee

11 acetate zero imperiam climb hesitation blues arbouse

11 times new viking (no) sympathy born again revisited matador

11 tv ghost the singularity cold fish in the red

12 the telescopes please, before you go taste cheree

12 l´enfance rouge nada, nothing, niente, gar nicht, rien bar-bari wallace

12 kit cloud chaser invocation upset the rythm

Artiste: kit
Album: invocation
Label: upset the rythm

Artiste: l´enfance rouge
Album: bar-bari
Label: wallace

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