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  EMISSION DU 12/12/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shipping news antebellum one less heartless to ear africantape

2 black math horseman tyrant wyllt tee pee

3 lucertulas an old man the brawl robotradio/macina dischi

4 shannon wright violent colors secret blood vicious circle

5 the vaselines ruined sex with an x sub pop

6 castus post-rock madona matamore

7 l´enfance rouge gabès le soir (maribor le matin) bar-bari wallace

7 spitfire feverish sex bomb paperhouse

7 spitfire minimal love sex bomb paperhouse

7 spitfire strawhead sex bomb paperhouse

10 logikparty let the psychograph read your character high risk narcissist the richter collective

11 monotonix my needs where were you when it happened drag city

11 the low frequency in stereo mt pinatubo futuro rune grammofon

11 grids locals kansas autoproduction

11 the stnnng the ugly show smoke of my will modern radio

11 lucertulas crowning the brawl robotradio/macina dischi

11 shannon wright commoner´s saint secret blood vicious circle

11 the liminanas mountain the liminanas trouble in mind

11 tsuki moon what you carry on the sun will rise again autoproduction

11 white mystery powerglove white mystery autoproduction

12 black acid unforced peace v/a: the psychedelic sounds of the sonic cathedral - a tribute to roky erickson and the 13th floor elevators sonic cathedral

12 fatalists great success in uniform between the aisles gramma proforma

12 heliogabale q for qing blood les disques du hangar 221

12 le singe blanc bombadilhom babylon whosbrain

12 hitch carbon wheels clair obscur vlas vegas

12 k-branding africanurse facial humpty dumpty

12 lucertulas carlo´s night the brawl robotradio/macina dischi

12 shannon wright sattelites secret blood vicious circle

Artiste: lucertulas
Album: the brawl
Label: robotradio/macina dischi

Artiste: shannon wright
Album: secret blood
Label: vicious circle

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