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  EMISSION DU 21/11/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 les savy fav dirty knails root for ruin wichita

2 a place to bury strangers it is nothing exploding head mute

3 shipping news this is not an exit one less heartless to ear africantape

4 the stnnng the ugly show smoke of my will modern radio

5 frankie rose and the outs girlfriend island frankie rose and the outs memphis industries

6 aqua nebula oscillator pox on you aqua nebula oscillator pan european

7 grids erotic love white walls inkblot

7 year of no light sélénite nord crucial blast

7 room 204 hypertension! room 204 kythibong

7 trumans water ammunition o zeta zunis asthmatic kitty

10 nitkowski needs chauffeurs function

11 pyramido no words v/a: pyramido & suma split lp head

11 graceland tramway - autoproduction

11 clockcleaner pissing at the moon auf-wiedersehen load

11 shipping news the delicate one less heartless to ear africantape

11 the stnnng two sick friends smoke of my will modern radio

11 roky erickson & the black angels roller coaster v/a: the psychedelic sounds of the sonic cathedral - a tribute to roky erickson and the 13th floor elevators sonic cathedral

11 white mystery white widow white mystery autoproduction

11 volt voice born in an oyster v/a: archipelagos honest house

11 saturday´s kids spider legs saturday´s kids 7' art for blind

12 k-branding africanurse facial humpty dumpty

12 shipping news bad eve one less heartless to ear africantape

12 the stnnng new black hole smoke of my will modern radio

12 autolux audience n°2 transit transit atp

Artiste: shipping news
Album: one less heartless to ear
Label: africantape

Artiste: the stnnng
Album: smoke of my will
Label: modern radio

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