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  EMISSION DU 20/06/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 action beat high action the noise band from bletchley truth cult

2 quasi repulsion american gong kill rock stars

3 drunkdriver choking hazard drunkdriver load

4 year of no light perséphone i ausserwelt conspiracy

5 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

6 indian jewelry lapis lazuli totaled we are free

7 backwater start angels are cool ché

7 backwater magic place angels are cool ché

7 backwater didactic no angels are cool ché

7 gordz mecca super 100% ruminance

9 el dinah mortarshell esperento autoproduction

10 drunkdriver half mast drunkdriver load

10 year of no light perséphone ii ausserwelt conspiracy

10 usssy ioann grozni oko r.a.i.g.

10 the dead weather no horse sea of cowards third man

10 xbxrx childhoods un usper autoproduction

10 frank shinobi la marque du prophète a little less more honest house

10 serena-maneesh honey jinx s-m 2: abyss in b minor 4ad

10 baby fire i love to cook - autoproduction

10 next exit to nowhere william kinnimond burton remember autoproduction

11 drunkdriver quality of my life drunkdriver load

11 year of no light hierophante ausserwelt conspiracy

Artiste: year of no light
Album: ausserwelt
Label: conspiracy

Artiste: drunkdriver
Album: drunkdriver
Label: load

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