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  EMISSION DU 28/03/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 little claw human taste (below the tide) human taste ecstatic peace!

2 pygmy shrews big time the egyptian 12" wantage usa

3 next exit to nowhere remember remember autoproduction

4 quasi bye bye blackbird american gong kill rock stars

5 shannon wright embers in your eyes honeybee girls vicious circle

6 dum dum girls jail la la jail la la sub pop

7 archie bronson outfit wild strawberries coconut domino

7 baby fire i love to cook - autoproduction

7 el dinah swimming with the sharks esperento autoproduction

7 next exit to nowhere cosmic noise in my ears remember autoproduction

10 loobke waterlove water and boots sundays in spring

11 jackpine pine jackpine wild love

11 ex girlfriend club towers ep autoproduction

11 thomas mery shaping places hallon saft sundays in spring

11 entrofobesse hawk behind my spike wild love

11 herbert diman le menu le menu autoproduction

11 bloedrood cereals roetbloed sundays in spring

11 drums are for parades faking artificial sacrificial darkness in the temple of the damned ep skeleton ears

11 pockett walls your picture here sundays in spring

11 ringo les oiseaux de thaïlande les oiseaux de thaïlande carrère

12 fordamage la bagarre belgian tango kithybong

12 next exit to nowhere william kinnimond burton remember autoproduction

Artiste: next exit to nowhere
Album: remember
Label: autoproduction

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