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  EMISSION DU 27/09/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 part chimp trad thriller rock action

2 no age brain burner nouns sub pop

3 the vandelles get down del black aloha safranin

4 future of the left arming eritrea travels with myself and another 4ad

5 om meditations is the practice of death god is good drag city

5 mokronog leo tindemans's bar mitzvah fuck young girls young girls

6 montreal on fire anything everyday decline & fall lacrymal

6 oxbow down a stair backward the narcotic story hydra head

6 fuck buttons race to your bedroom - spirit rise street horrrsing atp

6 the black heart procession last chance six temporary residence limited

8 the low frequency in stereo mt pinatubo futuro rune grammofon

9 hope sandoval & the warm inventions blue bird through the devil softly nettwerk

9 the vandelles bomb the surf del black aloha safranin

9 future of the left chin music travels with myself and another 4ad

9 the ex knock 30 ex

9 the ex state of shock 30 ex

9 le singe blanc planète erreur bai-ho bar la muerte

9 five minutes to eat jack maniac cum demo autoproduction

9 geisha sportsfister die verbrechen der liebe crucial blast

9 y.e.r.m.o. from gold falls a bad rain from gold falls a bad rain humpty dumpty

10 io monade stanca abete 43211234 the impossible story of bubu africantape

10 schnaak wira women on ships are bad luck discorporate

10 dÿse hans georg lieder sind brüder der revolution exile on mainstream

10 future of the left stand by your manatee travels with myself and another 4ad

10 the vandelles bad volcano del black aloha safranin

Artiste: future of the left
Album: travels with myself and another
Label: 4ad

Artiste: the vandelles
Album: del black aloha
Label: safranin

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