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  EMISSION DU 19/04/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers i've lived my life to stand in the shadow of your heart a place to bury strangers killer pimp

2 agaskodo teliverek bamayashi ege psycho goulash midfinger

3 hey colossus war crows happy birthday riot season

4 fordamage minefield and cannonmen belgian tango kythibong

5 marvin discudance marvin autoproduction

6 passe montagne lowcost deluxe oh my satan africantape

7 the thermals when we were alive now we can see kill rock stars

7 daturah deep b flat reverie golden antenna

7 papier tigre when will we get to meet the boss the beginning and end of now effervescence

7 duchess says aeae anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

10 scraps of tape master blaster grand letdown tender version

11 hey colossus are nice men happy birthday riot season

11 fordamage no dismissal will keep us alive belgian tango kythibong

11 avrocar near water against the dying of the light make nine music

11 yume bitsu the wedding procession auspicious winds k

11 lili z candeggina burns the two of us in the red

11 p.j. harvey and john parish pig will not a woman a man walked by island

11 mogwai scotland's shame the hawk is howling pias

11 pentark geological ha ha ha! spank me more

11 petula clarck dance on your head aye-aye-aye none

12 petula clarck rikiki's favourite aye-aye-aye none

12 petula clarck rob vs. bat aye-aye-aye none

12 petula clarck lay lay lay aye-aye-aye none

12 fordamage abcd belgian tango kythibong

12 hey colossus are coming to kill you all happy birthday riot season

Artiste: fordamage
Album: belgian tango
Label: kythibong

Artiste: hey colossus
Album: happy birthday
Label: riot season

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