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  EMISSION DU 25/01/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 magnetix non sense positively negative born bad

2 pissed jeans i've still got you (ice cream) hope for men sub pop

3 the suicidal birds nevermind spend your life in serious misery tocado

4 sürfhead puddles the beauty of decay autoproduction

5 deerhunter never stops microcastle 4ad

6 p.j. harvey the mountain white chalk island

7 naifu i heart... pieces of women puppy farm

7 gregor samsa the adolescent rest own

7 31knots certificate worried well polyvinyl

7 vivian girls where do you run to vivian girls in the red

10 the suicidal birds adventure of the brain spend your life in serious misery tocado

11 hiroshima rocks around 666 hra666 no-fi

11 paramount styles alleyesareonyounowmypet failure american style cycle

11 torn my pride 2.1 - autoproduction

11 k-branding nubian heat facial humpty dumpty

11 mokronog fidèle castré fuck young girls young girls

11 vandal x can't think of anyone all lined up against the wall vlas vegas

11 casse brique marcel larsen glumor honest house

11 don vito daddy longleg don vito tremor panda

11 pentark the silence of mistery ha ha ha! spank me more

12 nervous kid - nervous kid gaffer

12 that fucking tank the rain comes all the way from siberia (and this is the first place that it breaks) the day of death by bono adrenalin shock jealous

12 aucan iena aucan ruminance

12 passe montagne contaminated population extended play euphrate

12 passe montagne dactiloca extended play euphrate

12 hey colossus do they ever return? project:death jonson family

12 trencher in reverence lips southern

12 the fall tommy shooter imperial wax solvent castle

13 the suicidal birds psycho bitch spend your life in serious misery tocado

13 grey daturas neuralgia return to disruption neurot

Artiste: the suicidal birds
Album: spend your life in serious misery
Label: tocado

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