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  EMISSION DU 30/11/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 fatal flying guilloteens great apes quantum fucking french kiss

2 vivian girls tell the world vivian girls in the red

3 windy & carl btwn you + me songs for the broken hearted kranky

4 pentark the silence of mystery v/a: spank me more records spank me more

5 magik markers axis mundi boss ecstatic peace!

6 all the saints farmacia fire on corridor x killer pimp

7 naifu melinda pieces of women puppy farm

7 doctor and nurse pretty pretty pretty me(n)tal hospital autoproduction

7 mogwai batcat the hawk is howling wall of sound

7 shit and shine cherry cherry riot season

9 deerhoof jagged fruit offend maggie kill rock stars

10 mika miko jogging song (he's your mr. right) c.y.s.l.a.b.f. kill rock stars

10 windy & carl my love songs for the broken hearted kranky

10 prince 1999 1999 warner bros

10 golden jooklo age sabor um poco psicadelico tropical trip troglosound

10 mark fry song for wilde dreaming with alice sunbeam

10 bear bones lay low agis nugos eat the sun

10 albert ayler universal message nuit de la fondation maeght (vol. 1) water

10 agatha my teacher plays in a metal band greetings from s.sg wallace

10 edgar wappenhalter 2+2=5 vleesarmoede young girls

10 vandal x fuck u2 all lined up against the wall vlas vegas

11 buffle pyla 3 pyla historaens

11 double negative untitled track negative-a

11 artiste inconnu brids are singing but my love won't return v/a: cambodian cassette archives: khmer folk pop music vol. 1 sublime frequencies

11 windy & carl the same moon and stars songs for the broken hearted kranky

Artiste: windy & carl
Album: songs for the broken hearted
Label: kranky

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