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  EMISSION DU 04/11/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 naifu how to get married pieces of women puppy farm

1 hey lover let me kill an arab hey lover hovercraft

3 fleeting joys the breakup despondent transponder only forever

4 pterodactyl polio blue jay brah

5 the raveonettes lust lust lust lust fierce panda

5 sloy you cry fuse ep rosebud

7 sloy pop plug roadrunner

7 sloy spermadelic electrelite tubes

7 tarentel everybody fucks with somebody ghetto beats on the surface of the sun temporary residence limited

7 carla bozulich pissing evangelista constellation

9 blood red shoes box of secrets i'll be your eyes ep v2

10 thurston moore wonderful witches trees outside the academy ecstatic peace

10 el dinah mortarshell esperento autoproduction

10 pterodactyl safe like a train blue jay brah

10 fleeting joys got come back despondent transponder only forever

10 white hills glitter glamour atrocity glitter glamour atrocity aquarius

10 future of the left team:seed curses too pure

10 bear claw stubborn agenda slow speed: deep owls sick room

10 mono´kiri player in disguise surviving on dreams and casual sex kinky star

10 to kill a petty bourgeoisie box twenty the patron kranky

10 mute sundays postrectum autoproduction

11 stereo total plastic paris berlin disko b

11 pterodactyl rampage 1 blue jay brah

11 fleeting joys patron saint despondent transponder only forever

Artiste: pterodactyl
Album: blue jay
Label: brah

Artiste: fleeting joys
Album: despondent transponder
Label: only forever


Artiste: sloy
Album: plug
Label: roadrunner
Track(s): pop

Artiste: sloy
Album: fuse ep
Label: rosebud
Track(s): you cry

Artiste: sloy
Album: electrelite
Label: tubes
Track(s): spermadelic


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