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  EMISSION DU 30/09/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gomm words 4 pias

1 thurston moore wonderful witches trees outside the academy ecstatic peace

3 volt chinese bite volt in the red

4 god is an astronaut radau far from refuge revive

5 les savy fav slugs in the shrubs let's stay friends french kiss

5 fordamage lackoffull fordamage kythibong

7 deerhunter white ink cryptograms kranky

7 naifu angel cake pieces of women puppy farm

7 ikara colt sink venice chat and business fantastic plastic

7 ikara colt after this chat and business fantastic plastic

10 ikara colt here we go again chat and business fantastic plastic

11 31knots the days and nights of lust and presumption the days and nights of everything anywhere polyvinyl

11 31knots immitation flesh the days and nights of everything anywhere polyvinyl

11 liars plaster casts of everything liars mute

11 guitar watch the white bird dealin with signal and noise onitor

11 the dancing naked ladies asbestos skin pink lycanthropes none

11 frank shinobi captain fiasco v/a: linge propre entre amis program uno honest house

11 psychic ills killers early violence the social registry

11 miss alex white and the red orchestra submarine space & time in the red

11 volt testbild volt in the red

11 the antarcticans - (untitled track #1) the antarcticans the new black

12 almandino quite deluxe big match violent potato wallace

12 kontakte transmitter/receiver transmitter/receiver 7" enraptured

12 help she can´t swim i think the record's stopped the death of nightlife fantastic plastic

12 next exit to nowhere the tiger and the zucchini - autoproduction

12 the electric ladies blues the devil red panic autoproduction

12 p.j. harvey white chalk white chalk island

12 bron y aur cutting your teeth millenovecento settantatre wallace

13 volt alles neu volt in the red

13 six.by seven 25 years club sandwich at the peveril hotel saturday night sunday morning

Artiste: volt
Album: volt
Label: in the red


Artiste: ikara colt
Album: chat and business
Label: fantastic plastic
Track(s): sink venice / after this / here we go again

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