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  EMISSION DU 09/09/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 electrelane five no shouts, no calls too pure

1 torpid jee jee fraiseman autoproduction

3 p.j. harvey the devil white chalk island

4 sabo souvenir de février 8 saisons à l'ombre ruminance

5 black engine a wolf day ku klux klowns wallace

5 help she can´t swim midnight garden the death of nightlife fantastic plastic

7 the black angels young men dead passover light in the attic

7 air formation i can't remember waking up daylight storms club ac30

7 miss alex white and the red orchestra squeaky clean space & time in the red

7 the locust aotkpta new erections anti-

9 the moaners yankee on my shoulder blackwing yalobusha yep roc

10 bron y aur changing like the weather millenovecento settantatre wallace

10 guitar watch the white bird dealin with signal and noise onitor

10 p.j. harvey white chalk white chalk island

10 melt-banana spider snipe bambi's dillema a-zap

10 mono crash surviving on dreams and casual kinky star

10 shellac boycott excellent italian greyhound touch and go

10 liars freak out liars mute

10 deerhunter lake somerset cryptograms kranky

10 the mary timony band killed by the telephone the shapes we make kill rock stars

10 psychic ills killers early violence the social registry

11 gomm good sides 4 pias

11 p.j. harvey the mountain white chalk island

Artiste: p.j. harvey
Album: white chalk
Label: island

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