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  EMISSION DU 12/08/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 18th dye easy (& how we got there 1st) tribute to a bus ché

1 chug evel knievel sassafras flying nun

3 the moves so smooth the moves mr lady

4 cranes sun and sky forever dedicated

5 my bloody valentine what you want loveless creation

5 adorable homeboy against perfection creation

7 shesus the more you laugh loves you... loves you not narnack

7 bowery electric slow thrills bowery electric kranky

7 godspeed you! black emperor 09-15-00 (part i) yanqui u.x.o. constellation

7 lee hazelwood the night before cowboys in sweden smells like

10 glockenspiel plasma enspiel krayon

11 simplesongs breathe fire last day on earth (ep) autoproduction

11 the dresden dools coin-operated boy the dresden dolls roadrunner

11 crass poison in a pretty pill penis envy southern

11 neurosis / jarboe erase neurot

11 bee and flower i know your name what's mine is yours neurot

11 queenadreena hotel after show drink me rough trade

11 trencher nightmares on crack street lips southern

11 converge you fail me you fail me epitath

11 iron maiden wrathchild killers emi

11 le grand jojo patrouille de nuit 25 ans rm

12 bardo pond no time to waste bufo alvarius, amen 29:15 ché
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