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  EMISSION DU 17/06/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 miss alex white and chris playboy faster live at the double door in the red

1 the fall fall sound reformation post tlc slogan

3 melt-banana spider snipe bambi's dillema a-zap

4 jesu conqueror conqueror hydra head

5 glockenspiel glock one 24:48 ep autoproduction

5 the magnetix before you die magnetic reaction flame on

7 the magnetix horror chalet horror chalet yakisakana

7 the magnetix motard motard missing joker

7 petit vodo right and lovely sorrows paradise lollipop

7 electrelane tram 21 no shouts, no calls too pure

10 the mary timony band killed by the telephone the shapes we make kill rock stars

11 jesu medecine conqueror hydra head

11 melt-banana cat brain land bambi's dillema a-zap

11 apse from the north spirit acuarela

11 year of no light sélénite nord radar swarm

11 jesu stanlow conqueror hydra head

11 melt-banana crow's paint brust (color repair) bambi's dillema a-zap

11 psychic ills days early violence the social registry

Artiste: melt-banana
Album: bambi's dillema
Label: a-zap

Artiste: jesu
Album: conqueror
Label: hydra head


Artiste: the magnetix
Album: magnetic reaction
Label: flame on
Track(s): before you die

Artiste: the magnetix
Album: motard
Label: missing joker
Track(s): motard

Artiste: the magnetix
Album: horror chalet
Label: yakisakana
Track(s): horror chalet

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