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  EMISSION DU 19/11/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the appleseed cast ceremony peregrine the militia group

1 the delgados under canvas under wraps the complete bbc peel sessions chemikal underground

3 early day miners land of pale saints offshore secretly canadian

4 passe montagne dactiloca long play ruminance

5 home tim's entry sexteen brah

5 espers widow's weed espers ii wichita

7 espers cruel storm espers ii wichita

7 espers children of stone espers ii wichita

7 berg sans nipple flapping form of gumspot

7 jessica bailiff spiral dream feels like home kranky

9 hrsta swallow's tail stem stem in electro constellation

10 carla bozulich pissing evangelista constellation

10 beatnik filmstars the greatest of minds in great shape track & field

10 early day miners return of native offshore secretly canadian

10 mono the remains of the day you are there temporary residence limited

10 viva l´american death ray music! same suit different tie in the meantime... transsolar

10 serena-maneesh beehiver ii serena-maneesh playlouder

10 the herms record machine record machine jackpine social club

10 ricaine ... of the twilight league the clarity of distance ruminance

10 shooting at unarmed men a horse by day is a horse by night yes! tinnitus! too pure

10 hitch question. answer. question we are electric! vlas vegas

11 early day miners hymn beneath the palisades offshore secretly canadian

11 bardo pond lost word ticket crystals atp

Artiste: early day miners
Album: offshore
Label: secretly canadian


Artiste: espers
Album: espers ii
Label: wichita
Track(s): widow's weed / cruel storm / children of stone


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